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Anne er Valentin I THINK is serious, structured, as centered as it is organized. This self-assured, rectangular frame hints at the flutter of a butterfly, all the while maintaining distance and detachment. Rational, thoughtful and balanced, I THINK manages to get everything done without having to worry too much about it. Rigor is its second name. I THINK is a part of the Anne et Valentin Wink collection.


A series of small female models both strict and tense, for small faces. The arcades are all worked with cut and matted reliefs to create bursts of light and make up the eye. The subtle detail, like a sign of recognition between initiates, has everything from a playful and accomplice wink.


These all acetate frames are born of a desire to apply specific techniques to models whose simplicity is only apparent. The branches are also finished on a relief that echoes that of the faces. The lines are reinforced, to balance the sobriety of the forms. The chosen tones are measured and come to support the wardrobes that swear by the "less is more".


The WINK concept is to the glasses what the little black dress is to the dressing of any career girl who respects herself: essential and indispensable.


  • Full Rim