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Anne et Valentin JUST DANCE is a completely revisited, totally contradictory cyber-aviator with bevelled sides and a wildly seductive personality. Its oppositions create an unexpected dialogue between curves and geometric angles. A city slicker and a futurist, JUST DANCE loves science fiction, dance floors and chooses to live the night like there’s no tomorrow. JUST DANCE is a part of the Anne et Valentin HYPHEN IN THE SUN collection.


It all starts with the frame’s bridge. In this absolutely feminine concept, ultra-thin metal bridges delicately link the acetate face. Around the bridge, different thicknesses create solids, hollows, upstrokes, rebounds and rift effects. Elementary, graphic, typographic even, the HYPHENS offer deconstructed geometric shapes, that are both sculptural and curvy. Pop and spirited, they love to surprise. Anne et Valentin designers were obsessed with the abstract period when they imagined the HYPHEN concept. The black and white works of Kupka particularly fascinated them. Flats are ultra-flat, cuts are sharp, shapes and lines hold their own. Each model is pushed to the limit, reduced to its simplest expression. The excesses are thought through and balanced by a real contemporaneity. The arms themselves have been worked with collages of colors that create breaks, adding to the already expressive contrasts in volumes. Colored dots top each branch, because, well, two is better than one. HYPHENS like to play with mass, they cultivate discrepancy, contradiction and a certain second degree. Complexity, design, fluidity: there is audacity in each model of this concept and, above all, a desire to display, yet a little more, Anne et Valentin’s love for design.


  • Full Rim

  • Acetate

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