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Anne et Valentin JUST SWING is radically radical. Feminine, trendy, gigantic, she dresses faces with an unsettling androgynous quality. Two giant squares bring a lot – a lot – of personality, as well as a real presence. She shifts angelic features and uplifts the face, expressing herself with rigor and cultivating her super powers. JUST SWING is a part of the Anne et Valentin HYPHENHyphen concept. 


Everything, in this concept, from the suspension bridge of the ultra-thin, metal frame, connects the acetate side like a hyphen. The links marked around the bridge create multiple, evolving variations.


The flat areas are ultra-flat, the cuts are sharp, the forms excessive, thought up for their time. Light, slender, current, they display great purity of line, and their studied minimalism is very sophisticated. Their elemental side makes for structured, alert frames.


Resolutely oversize, conceived for medium and big faces, HYPHEN frames remain measured, while assuming their presence and their ultra-geometry. Fashionistas with a dandy spirit who like to cultivate discrepancy and contradiction will know how to appropriate them and turn them into contemporary accessories. And the codes of the feminine world, away from the beaten paths of glamour, will find here enough to satisfy their needs in modern technology.


The expression is more Nordic than Latin, more alternative than mainstream, more androgynous than genderless. The spirit of the 21st century in all its complex complexity!


  • Full Rim