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theo Mille+51 is a round beauty, made in metal, and painted blues red shine/hot red mat metallic or citrus black mat/amethyst metallic. Mille+51 is a part of the theo Mille Cinquante collection.


Oh, those Millennials! So much has been said and written about them. But who are they really? The fact is, this generation has grown up with technology and computers. They have endless possibilities and choices. But they prefer not to stand out too much. The Mille Cinquante collection is bound to be a hit with this crowd! The models tend to be simple, but with fresh, original colour combinations. These frames are made of titanium, which makes them both strong and lightweight. 


Born on the vision to offer something other than the mainstream glasses, theo is unique in their inspirations and collaborations with renowned designers from different industries.


  • Full Rim

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