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Anne et Valentin POLYGON, small, circumflex panto, makes up the gaze and stretches it into a smile. Its arches are mischievous, happy, playful too! They have all the charm of a kitten playing with its ball of wool, as well as femininity and more. We could even go so far as to say that POLYGON purrs with pleasure. Oops, we said it, it’s out.


Anne et Valentin POLYGONis a part of the PERSPEKTIV CONCEPT: A 100% metal concept, right to the ends of its arms. The Russian spirit prevails in these small models, where lines are engraved, drawn, delimited and organized to create constructed spaces. The colors and subtleties of the volumes come to dynamite the coldness of the material.The engraved, two-colored faces, the fluid, stretched lines of the arms, like overhead wires: everything contributes to creating a surprise. The impact is immediate. The design, the patterns, everything in these frames refers to abstract art, Bauhaus and constructivism, but retrieved, reinvented, and playfully converted. Outlines are based on architectural vanishing lines, softened by interlacing on certain models. The language has been elaborated, both sophisticated and pure, and ventures into new fields of expression, where geometry reigns as absolute mistress.The frames of this concept dress. With style. With intelligence. Tastefully. Put quite simply, the frames of this concept have class

Anne et Valentin was conceived as the lovechild of an optician couple from Toulouse, who sought to create original, well-designed frames for their friends. Today, Anne et Valentin still claims a fierce independent spirit and an international, family-oriented state of mind. They have preserved and challenged the vision, built on high standards, research, and a love for the object itself.


  • Full Rim