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Anne et Valentin SAMSON, the rectangular pair of sunglasses par excellence, was made to awaken the heroic spy chic that lies dormant in us all. The light, geometric keyhole nose is part of its Hitchcockian spirit, and its elegance expresses a somewhat strict manliness. It’s not afraid of anyone. Or anything, for that matter. The blazing sunshine in cinemascope format wouldn’t even make it blink. Fearless is its middle name. SAMSON is a part of the Anne et Valentin SUNNY CLUB collection.


A great design can be recognized by its interior construction and its signature. With their pure lines, their angles, their sober faces and sculpted interior volumes, SUNNY CLUB exhibits a refined, feline character of impeccable quality. If these frames stand out, it is through their elegance -– masculine – and their cachet – authentic.

All three models rest first and foremost on the crafting of materials. Treatment is architectural, with reliefs barely softened by polishing. The ends of the arms are punctuated with metal inserts – a finishing touch of refinement.

Anne et Valentin designers were inspired by the vision of graphic designer Saul Bass, who has notably played a major part in revolutionizing the very concept of film credit sequences, with an enduring impact on the silver screen. SUNNY CLUBS evoke this idea of perennial American chic set in the 1950s, honoring, even paying tribute to creative minds who, clearly, have brought us a new, distinct, identity-shaping world vision. 


  • Full Rim

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