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Anne et Valentin TEA TIME, a light cat-eye full of bounce and momentum, is a discreet ingenue, ideal for medium faces. No ex­u­ber­ance here, but a delicate fem­i­nin­ity, and measured lines. TEA TIME is suitable for quiet tem­pera­ments, for cere­brals who prefer literary prizes to celebrity mag­a­zines, and those for whom fine sand rhymes with sun­bathing rather than beach vol­ley­ball.


TEA TIME is a part of the METRONOMY CONCEPT: A feminine concept, made of acetate and titanium for lightness, of an oversized persuasion for modernity. METRONOMY is the meeting between sensitive object and hi-tech design, to measure time that passes and connect past and future, the eighties and the 2020 horizon.


While there is joie de vivre and electro-pop in this concept, purity and minimalism are well and truly at the heart of all these models. The happy shock of two generations reconciles our technological demands and a necessary return to the material, the organic, the durable, in a perfect combination of dream and reality.


As if under the impulse of an orchestra conductor, elegance remains the key note: in the sobriety and finesse of the materials, in the rounded tenon, like a tuning fork, in the arms that run straight, in two steps… The hinge embedded in the face give the illusion that the entire technical block disappears in the material. The reliefs are integrated, the mechanism is completely redesigned. The acetate side has been refined to the maximum, and the crystalline shades let the light through, for frames both urban and aerial. The frank contours underline the shapes and contrasts sought. The concept is urban, thoughtful, with frames that appear suspended thanks to their arms. The shapes are contemporary, designed for large and medium faces.


They are to be found languid during Electronic Siestas, shaken up at the Sonar Festival, or even on a balcony, at nightfall, rocked by hypnotic tracks signed Petit Biscuit or Polo & Pan.


  • Full Rim

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