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WAITS is a part of the ANNE & VALENTIN SUN RECORDS collection.


Madmen spirit in technicolor. Revisited 60s look. A stylish and sharp concept. The Sun Records are sophisticated objects that generate a certain attitude, as a nod to the label that shaped and even revolutionized the history of music by initiating the shift from jazz blues to rock.

Large, stout models. Massive and dense frames. Graphic reliefs to dust off their vintage spirit. Sculptured, subtle volumes. Striated patterns. Beveled collages that brighten up the ends of the temples. The arms, which are two-tone on the outside, reveal their golden silks on the inside, like luxurious and secret jacket linings.

Sun Records claims the codes of an earlier era, with a singular, timeless and radical panache. These models provide substance and turn everyday life into a unique experience. They make each day special.


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