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WE ARE PROUD flutters proudly on small faces, and infuses them with a mad intensity. To medium-sized faces, it adapts with a sharp, sooty eyeliner feel. Voluptuous, ironic even, it loves second degree in all circumstances, even in its dressing room, with sass and loose jeans rolled up high matched with vertiginous heels. Its bedside movie? Thelma and Louise, forever.


WE ARE PROUD is part of the BOLD collection. Straight out of the Anne et Valentin creative studio, four assertive female models, in tribute to a liberating 2018. Their zany thicknesses, their snappy pure acetate, the frank, cover-version cuts; everything is designed to accentuate volumes and to facet the material, even on the arms, the matt bevels of which give a sculptural dimension to all forms of the concept.


Sensual, these frames? Why, yes, thank you very much! Sensual, intense, and very strong, very present, as extrovert as possible, BOLD amplify all their sensory effects, too. Touch connects with sight, tones vibrate, and the general effect is both brutalist and organic.

Shine, matt, material, material, material, strengthening of volumes: everything is there to appeal to a sense of absolute style. By choosing to explore the expansion of certain classic models, worked like sunwear frames, our designers have reached an almost marginal ultra-presence, tempered by the purity and refinement of the object.


Its signature, like a secret code to share between initiates, is found at the end of its branches, in the form of an art deco pattern punched in with style.


Audacity. Courage. Freedom. We are Women.


Anne et Valentin believes a frame should not only flatter and complement, but express who you really are. And while their creations are original, colorful and lively, they are, above all, objects that combine ergonomics, technical requirements, and respect for those who wear them.

We are Proud

  • Full Rim

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