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"Our vision from the beginning has always been exceptional customer service."

Eyeglasses have been around for centuries, and over time, they have evolved in shape, material, and purpose. They were originally worn to improve sight, but along the way, they have become more than just that. Today, there is an endless assortment of eyewear designs for just about any personality and function. So much so, that eyewear has now become an essential component of an individual’s overall identity and fashion statement. They are even worn with no prescription at all for aesthetics. Eyewear can help an individual look cooler, smarter, cuter, prettier, and sexier!


At Risi Optique, we are here to help people see better, while achieving the look that they desire. Locally owned and operated, Risi Optique is the premier independent luxury optical boutique in Frisco because we have curated some of the finest quality luxury eyewear from all over the world. Many designer luxury eyewear lines are licensed and mass produced by just a few companies that sell the illusion of diversity. However, our trendsetting and timeless eyewear collection comes from independent luxury eyewear companies who design their collection in house using inspiration from the people, places, and things that they are most passionate about. Our collection consists of the finest materials available as well as the latest technology and craftsmanship used to produce these works of art. They are hand crafted by skilled artisans which makes them very unique and only available in limited quantities.

A complete luxury eyewear experience.

When you visit us at Risi Optique, we offer a complete luxury eyewear experience. From one to one eyewear styling to lens education about your prescription and which frames will be best for your prescription. With the advancements in technology, we provide the most advanced lens options, anti-reflective coatings, and customized services. Whether you need frame repair, frame refurbishing, custom tinted lenses, or even custom sunglass clips, we will ensure that you receive the best finished product along with our stellar customer service.

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