Risi Optique's Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing and if you’re anything like us, you have a gift list a mile long. While almost everyone would love to receive a new pair of luxury frames or sunglasses (trust us, EVERYONE would), it can be hard to choose frames for someone other than yourself. Luckily, we’ve put together a small list of recommendations for each type of person on your gift list!

Barton Perreira Frames

Extremely Stylish

We all have this person in our lives. They look amazing at all times. They sleep in designer pajamas and  never leave the house without makeup. This person needs a frame that exemplifies their tremendous style. For these individuals, we recommend Barton Perreira. These frames and sunglasses are classic, refined, and true Americana. They are the epitome of sophistication and refinement. They also come in a variety of unique colors that will suite any style.

Shamballa Sunglasses


The glamour driven diva in your life needs a pair of Dita or Shamballa frames, specifically sunglasses. Both these brands contain a certain wow factor. They are edgy and by no means for the wallflower.

SALT. Optics Frames

Adventurous and Outdoorsy

Do you have someone in your life who would almost always rather be outside or off on some adventure? We recommend both Kaenon and Salt. Both offer polarized sunglasses, which helps to reduce reflected glare while enjoying the great outdoors. In addition, these frames offer a bit of a rugged ambiance and are inspired by nature.

Anne et Valentin Frames


For the artist or art appreciative in your life, you cannot go wrong with Anne et Valentin frames. These glasses are colorful, imaginative, and sometime whimsical. They are inspired by the arts and music. Examples include the “Cure” frame inspired by the famed rock band and “Factory” inspired by Andy Warhol's studio in New York.

Blake Kuwahara Frames


For that friend of relative that can be a bit “out there” we recommend Blake Kuwahara.  This eyewear takes familiar eye shapes and encapsulates them in a nontraditional surrounding shape. By essentially making a ‘frame within a frame’, the juxtaposition of shapes and colors creates a design tension that is bold and unexpected.

Matsuda Sunglasses

Fashion Forward

If you have someone on your list who is trendy and always in the know of the next big thing in fashion, look towards Matsuda for the perfect gift. Inspired by the past, but always in style, these frames and sunglasses are classic while still pushing the envelope of fashion.

MYKITA's Patented Screwless Hinge

Technical and Intellectual

Mykita frames and sunglasses represent the intellectual side of eyewear design. These frames contain and unparalleled aspect of German engineered precision. They contain a somewhat mechanical and simple design, but still have a stylish presentation. They are also extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Bevel Frames


We recommend bevel frames for the fun, playful person in your life. These frames offer a unique design with two-tone coloring, exciting shapes and bold colors. They are also very strong and sturdy frames.

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