Matsuda - A True Pinnacle of High-End Luxury Eyewear

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

To appreciate Matsuda eyewear is to appreciate the history of Japanese craftsmanship and quality.

Actress Sarah Conner wearing Matsuda Sunglasses in Terminator 2.

To appreciate Matsuda eyewear is to appreciate the history of Japanese craftsmanship and quality. Mitsuhiro Matsuda began his love for fashion and architecture in 1967 after finding inspiration in Paris. He incorporated his influences into his company, Nicole Co. Mr. Matsuda was one of the original designers to launch Tokyo Fashion Week with his highly acclaimed menswear. In 1989, he launched his first eyewear line. The Paris influence is evident in his intricate engravings and metal work that is unparalleled in quality. These frames are so highly acclaimed that these iconic styles can be seen in the major blockbuster movies such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Iron Man 2. After the death of Mitsuhiro Matsuda in 2008, Matsuda eyewear was re-launched in 2011. This brought exciting changes for the brand, including the release of the Heritage collection, which showcases some of the most legendary original designs created by Mr. Matsuda. Today, Matsuda is one of the fasting growing eyewear companies, highlighting innovative designs blended with strong Japanese heritage.

Matsuda frames are created by hand.

Matsuda manufacturing features some of the finest metals and hand engravings in the industry and reflects a strong Japanese background. Of the two master engravers remaining in Fukui, one works exclusively with Matsuda. Each process from engravings, sculpting, polishing and assembly are all done by hand by expert Japanese craftsmen. Each frame requires 250 steps to achieve the impeccable quality that is evident when you see a Matsuda frame. This brand entirely represents the true pinnacle of high-end luxury eyewear.

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