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Trends for Spring Sunglasses


Spring is here, which means bright sunny days are on the horizon here in the Dallas area. Time to break out the sunglasses, and spring is the perfect time to indulge in one (or more) of the new trends we have been seeing for this season’s eyewear. At Risi Optique, we are committed to offering eyewear that is both on trend and of the highest quality available. We are proud to carry a great selection of both frames and sunglasses, including many of the hot trends of this season, which include:


Oversized Frames

Oversized frames are extremely popular right now. And we’re not talking about slightly enlarged sunglasses. We mean “Go BIG or Go Home.” In fact, the bigger the better.

Tinted Aviators

While the aviator is a classic silhouette that’s been around for ages, one of the ways it has been updated this season is through the tinting of the lenses. Specifically, yellow, brown, and pink seem to be the colors of the moment.


Caeteye sunglasses provide a retro vibe that shows both sass and sophistication. Plus, the shape helps provide a little “lift” to the face, which is always an added bonus.

Bright Bold Colors

Yes, black is always in style, but we dare you to go bold this season. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd and embrace the bight, electric colors of spring.

Double Bridge

Another trend that seems to be sticking around is the double bridge. This look highlights the double bar at the brow bone and displays a sense of architecture to the frames.

SALT Dibergi Sunglasses

As always, if you are in the market for new sunglasses this season, come see us at Risi Optique. You will find all the latest trends represented in our high-quality, unique selection of frames and sunglasses!

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