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Anne et Valentin BAUDELAIRE is the small octagonal mixed model. Spontaneously sophisticated and intelligent, yet thoughtful and political, introverted and precious, it’s an almost round, but not round frame, quite serious, never boring, and always extremely concentrated. BAUDELAIRE is a part of the Anne et Valentin SYMBOLIQUES concept. 


SYMBOLIQUES, all-titanium right through the temple tips, knows how to use the codes of bygone elegance in order to subvert them. Their highlighted hinges and articulations, inspired by retro-vintage, propel the frames of this concept towards the future, with the sense of design dear to Anne&Valentin.
With their deeply aesthetic mechanics, SYMBOLIQUES models are almost sentimental and, in any case, very endearing. The chiseled models are inspired by the refinement of watchmaking. We think of Delaunay, the kinetic art of Marcel Duchamp, precision mechanics, or the cosmic articulations of planetary movements. While the curved end pieces lend dynamic, circular motion, the bridge gives fluidity to the whole. The three dimensions of the object accentuate movement and create contrasts punctuated by colors and materials.

These are archetypal frames, designed for thinkers, explorers of ideas, researchers and theoreticians of a deeper daily being. But they also enchant musicians, artists, anti-hipsters, asphalt rebels who find here a happy counterpoint to too-conventional tendencies.

Our made in Japan titanium takes on its full importance in this concept, whose way of transcending ages and eras is quite unprecedented. SYMBOLIQUES rises to the challenge, seizing a tradition and modernizing it.


  • Full rim

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