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Anne et Valentin DRYDEN has the wind in his sails and elegance pegged to the body. Iconic, structuring, a sober model, inspired by overseas male class, in the fifties. Is that you, Cary Grant?


DRYDEN is a part of the Anne et Valentin HYPERCUT concept. The all-masculine concept HYPERCUT cultivates accuracy, measure and balance. The work on the lines aims to transcend trends in order to return to what the word “allure” is meant to convey. With essential shapes, these classy basics, cut to the millimeter, leave no room for the superfluous, and find their source in the very technique that inspires them.


The post-polishing recovery cuts, with the straight edge on the face and arms reinforcing the pure lines; the finesse of the proportions, the tight outline, serious, taut… Every detail converges towards a certain idea of what the intellectually sober man is, one over whom time has no hold.


The tones are chosen to make profound frames, easy to wear, indispensable even. At the end of the arms, a metal insert, a feather like a secret sign, discreetly shared between those in the know.


HYPERCUTs are literary, cerebral, able to take deep breaths in order to carry the story to the end. They are made for spirits who like to mark their time without making a big splash. These are frames that accompany a life of reflection, where objects matter, from the spine of a book to the timeless pen, and where thoughts are all organized toward a specific goal.


  • Full Rim

  • Acetate

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