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FANDANGO, a panto with a classic feminine air at first glance, is full of surprises thanks to subtly sculpted sides that astutely create eye-catching angles. A model that takes pleasure in stretching the eye, but keeps things simple. Its versatile personality, both chic and casual, serious and detached, tread between old school and modern vibes. FANDANGO cultivates undeniable finesse, in spirit and in form, strong ideals and an absolute optimism.


Structured by metal and softened with plastic, the focal point of this series is its association of materials, equaled only by its association of subtle colors. It’s the chameleon of the eyewear world, adapting to all personalities. Clean gentle lines become chic and cheery in certain subtle colors. These original and bold frames make for a challenging and completely unique line that anticipates a clientele of eclectic tastes,
interested in style, yes, but also in substance.


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