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FLAMINGO, a large stellar round, offers a double expression thanks to its graphic octagon, softened by a circle. Dynamic, feminine, full of energy, it’s a radiant model, generous, oversized, playful even. FLAMINGO has character, style, presence, and aims to shine in all circumstances. Its circumflex bridge and its lines bring cool, nuance and intensity. While it does love to show off a bit, it always does so gracefully.


Structured by metal and softened with plastic, the focal point of this series is its association of materials, equaled only by its association of subtle colors. It’s the chameleon of the eyewear world, adapting to all personalities. Clean gentle lines become chic and cheery in certain subtle colors. These original and bold frames make for a challenging and completely unique line that anticipates a clientele of eclectic tastes,
interested in style, yes, but also in substance.




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