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theo Friso is a rectangular beauty, made in acetate/metal, and painted astrakhan / black or Fairy brown/ gold shine. Friso is a part of of the theo REBELS collection.


REBELS, the latest collection of sunglasses by the Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen, is an ode to the modernists. In the late 19th century, they were responsible for a radical break with traditional views on architecture, design and art, with an emphasis on both form and function. And as a devoted collector of furniture, that’s where Tim found his inspiration. Tim chose six chairs by iconic modernists (Borsani, Kramer, Ratti, Le Corbusier, Breuer & Reich) from his own living room and created six stunning sunglasses to match. The combination of materials, the flowing lines and pared down decoration will be irresistible to anyone who’s a rebel at heart. 


  • Full Rim

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