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The cat eye frame comes alive under the glow of celestial light in Informer, a distinctive tribute to an eyewear icon forged that combines rigorous design and innovative materials for a distinctive new look. The gentle curve of Informer’s acetate brow conjures the infinite possibilities that linger beyond the horizon, a subtle homage to advances in astronomical discovery that continue to shape our understanding of the universe we inhabit. Informer may reside in the realm of the cat eye frame, but its spirit is relentlessly modern. The silhouette, characterized by a raised and offset brow detail, evokes the mythological figures traced in the night sky by our earliest ancestors; the helix twist etched throughout the frame—a detail made possible by DITA’s distinctive ultraviolet light etching process—acknowledges the cosmic origins of our own DNA and considers the future that beckon us from the expanses of the cosmos. Informer is noteworthy not just for its design elements, but also for the innovative manufacturing techniques that make it possible: DITA’s groundbreaking lamination process features a blade-thin, decorative metal core housed in an acetate frame that is 50% thinner than traditional acetate and more than twice as strong.


  • Full Rim

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