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theo Knoedel is a cateye beauty, made in metal, and painted Burnt Shadow Matte Metallic / Elly Blue Matte or Fuchsia mat metallic / magneta grey mat metallic. theo Knoedel is a part of the theo Potato Dishes collection.


theo loves potatoes. In previous collections theo applaudeds different potato varieties and gave glasses the names of Antwerp chip shops. Potatoes are very popular in the region. theo went a step further and are got creative with potatoes. Of course theo looks further than the end of his nose. The result: five fantastic potato dishes and five glasses from Belgium to India. With this collection, theo returns to the essence. True theo fans will undoubtedly brand these glasses as theo glasses pur sang. In addition, theo added lots of fresh colours.


Born on the vision to offer something other than the mainstream glasses, theo is unique in their inspirations and collaborations with renowned designers from different industries.


  • Full Rim

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