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LOCK. Circumflex round. Starry accents, mildly spicy, bridge included. Its sense of humor revives the mood. Understated wit that feels like makeup. Cool. Radiant. Insanely Anne&Valentin.


The Anne et Valentin designers wanted to pay a discreet tribute to ’60s design, to Sottsass, to the Memphis movement. Here is a direct, elementary concept, in acetate, with cut-outs on the contours and on the bases of the temples. Line is emphasized, shape highlighted. The geometric result and the frame designs are reinforced.

The color schemes, as precise as the shapes, are very distinctive. The blocks of colors are collages and reveal the straight angles’ interplay. The patterns are measured in thickness. The concept is joyful and playful, and one finds it ever so easy to make it one’s own. The PUZZLE concept frames are attractive, casual and colorful, and seek the complicity of free spirits.


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