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theo Mille+61 is a panto beauty, made in metal, and painted Fuchsia/Lila or Electric Blue/Dark Night.


It may come as a surprise, not least for the millennials themselves perhaps… but in terms of birthdays, Generation Y is fast approaching the big 4-0. They should hardly let that bother them, though. It happens to everyone, of course, and it's often an opportunity to truly take stock…

They were the first generation to come of age in the new millennium. At the time, they were presented as being self-confident, tolerant, optimistic and highly ambitious. But also, as lazy, narcissistic and spoiled. With maybe a bit (too much) of a sense of ‘entitlement’?


It's for this generation – who, having grown up with all the benefits of digital and communication technology, tend to expect things to move quickly - that at theo, we created a collection of glasses: Mille+. Smooth on the outside, but full of bubbles and effervescence on the inside. A symbol of the elusive quality of a generation that’s radically different, with a strong, yet often hidden potential?


And see, by now it’s become obvious. Generation Y has come into its own. Perfectly in line with the spirit of the age, they have reshaped the world. They are still wildly ambitious and often enough, are still realising their dreams; and analogue or digital, the entire world is their playground.

And their glasses? In celebration of all that potential that’s been realised, we’ve turned them inside out. The bubbles, that sparkle of a generation that was initially concealed beneath the surface, can now be expressed on the outside, visible for the entire world to admire.


Mille+60 is a generational statement in stainless steel available in 5 high-spirited models.  A sheer curtain of  bubbles reminiscent of the effervescence of champagne is carefully recessed in the steel front and sparkles with joy thanks to 8 possible bi-colour theo-twists. The uniquely comfortable ear tips reflect the same effervescent pattern on their outside camber while the smooth inside makes for a snug fit.


  • Full Rim

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