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Anne et Valentin SARANDON takes off steadily and maintains its course, whatever the circumstances. Its suspended lines and the straightness of its bridge sliding toward resolute arches make it a frame both sober and quite streamlined. Half-rectangular, half-bubble, SARANDON stays fluid as a Thunderbird, with a heart that beats with disconcerting regularity, even at full throttle. SARANDON is a part of the Anne et Valentin Sunset City Collection.


The SUNSET CITY concept carries a sense of solidity and substance that rejuvenates the face of the wearer.

The strong, distinguished lines of certain models, the bevelled rims, layered cutouts, sculpted temples and geometric proportions of others… this line is entirely focused on density, energy and light. The frames are incredibly sensual, sexy and playful, and come in hot shades, with subtle, opaline nuances as well as classic colors.
SUNSET CITY: essential, straight-forward and timeless sunshades.


  • Full rim

  • Acetate

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