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Anne et Valentin SIBERIA is the furiously trendy octagon of the series, with stretched lines enhanced by bevelled corners. Like a nose clip designed to conceal the eyes and nothing else, SIBERIA cultivates its share of mystery and its accessory status, as if tailor-made for a phantasmagoric, inspired character. SIBERIA is a part of the Anne et Valentin Nomades collection.


These models, designed for seasoned travelers, are an invitation to discovery, to exploration, and will find an echo among readers, for example, of The Way of the World by Nicolas Bouvier, a favorite text often quoted within the walls of the Anne & Valentin Studio. The complex mechanisms of NOMADES hinges recall those of luxury watch-making, with their gyratory movement and exquisite precision. Thanks to the refinement of their detail, these frames have an undeniable charm.

The lines of each model of this concept are inspired by insatiable personalities, by the curious and intrepid who aspire to travel the world and grasp its essence. In the Anne et Valentin Creative Studio, during their conception, the evocative names of writer and composer Paul Bowles, as well as photographer and author Peter Beard, could be heard circulating in hushed tones… Protean spirits in effervescence, whose transgressive perspectives make light of imposed boundaries.

Everything is in the detail: the astonishing lightness of our made in Japan titanium, the tips of arms adorned with delicate resin inserts. At once retro and futurist, NOMADES are anything but nostalgic. What they are is busy and relentless. And they will stop at nothing to keep on pushing back, ceaselessly but without hurry, the horizon line.


  • Full Rim

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