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theo Space Shuttle is a rectangular beauty, made in aluminium, and painted Electric Blue/Dark Night or Black Matte Metallic / Dark Grey Matte Metallic.. Space Shuttle is from the theo Shuttles collection.


Aluminium changed our view of the world, close by and far away.


Silvery aluminium reveals a blue marble.

Aluminium has been around for a hundred years, but it still has an otherworldly appeal. Ever since Sputnik went to space 60 years ago, it has been the material of choice for space frames of all types. It is very light and has the ability to withstand the extreme stresses of launching and operation in space. As such, it has changed our world and the way we see it forever.


How so? On its way to the moon, the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft looked back and took a historic picture: Earth completely illuminated by the Sun. It was the first visual proof of what we knew already: our world is round! The image went into history as “The Blue Marble” and the crew of Apollo 17 as the last manned mission to the moon. What made it possible? That’s right: aluminium.

theo’s take on space frames


Aluminium has created the potential for mankind to fly far away into space and forever change the way it looks at the world, the universe and itself. That got theo thinking… Why not change the way people see the world close by and around them and also use aluminium to achieve it?


The Shuttle frames are very sturdy and over-engineered to take a daily beating, they have an impeccably sharp look and are incredibly light*. And because aluminium is not very flexible (ever seen elastic rockets?), theo used flex hinges to guarantee absolute comfort on each and every face. As an extra, they are nickel-free, which makes chances of allergic reactions about as low as finding extra-terrestrial life on the Moon. They also take of future generations into consideration: since the aluminium can be  fully recycled, they are 100% eco-friendly. But most importantly, they are sure to completely change the way you see the world as well as the way people see you. Divine.

Space Shuttle

  • Full Rim

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