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theo Trifle is a square beauty, made in acetate, and painted Blue/Red Écaille + Green Yellow Écaille or Brown Écaille/Ink Fish. Trifle is part of the theo Dessert collection.


What makes these sweet indulgences so addictive? It's the layers. A sure-fire recipe for success. Each one individually is good, but together they create a complexity of flavours that could probably be best described as ‘personality.’ And personality is what theo is all about. Layers are always unexpected, often complex, even erotic, but always oh so human, because after all, is anyone ever really one-dimensional? That's why you'll also find layers in the ‘Desserts' collection. They reflect the different facets of your individuality and give it a face. From every different angle, they offer a fresh insight and add colour to your character.


In this acetate collection, theo makes the most of the layers and the play of light and colour to capture the blending and contrast that make up a character in all its facets.


Born on the vision to offer something other than the mainstream glasses, theo is unique in their inspirations and collaborations with renowned designers from different industries.


  • Full Rim

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