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VIBRATO, a false round, cut out, with marked arches. Nice. Bubbly. Designed for unconventional, introverted but expressive types. Intense, optimistic eyewear. Technical. Practical. Aesthetic. Rigorous, yes. with a sense of humor.


VIBRATO is a part of the ANNE & VALENTIN ONDULO collection. With its interplay of superimposed plates and undulating arches, the ONDULO concept translates our work on the vibration of the material and is inspired by the corrugated sheet metal of Jean Prouvé.

The concept is both playful and whimsical. Behind the apparent simplicity of this all-titanium concept, the details assert an architectural flair. And behind the elemental nature of the lines and flat surfaces, the models are fun. Graphic spatulas, folded medial tenons, surface relief and surprising volumes… Between the face and the branch, the contrast is significant.

Double language, double interpretation. The titanium is warmed up by the soft curves, by the regularity of the thick material, by the "bold" feel of the frames that round out the angles. The arches look anodized. These are frames that are as friendly and cheerful as they are imposing.

Character and humor, therefore, define these models that vibrate at high frequency. Highly urban, the ONDULO concept frames seem to move like palisades you see when running on the pavement. They live in the city. They like the play of light and shadow. They like to be noticed, without being noticed.


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