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WILLS is part of the ANNE & VALENTIN RECORDS collectin. RECORDS are sculptural frames with a modernized, dusted off, revisited and sublimated sixties aesthetic. They display a retro rock spirit, in an icy chic and sharp technicolor version. As a nod to the Sun Records label that impacted and even revolutionized the history of music by initiating the shift from jazz blues to rock, these models are sophisticated objects and induce a certain attitude. Lke Cary Grant in pursuing his ambitions, what.

Timelessness. Art Deco inspiration. Dandy spirit. With their assertive thickness and their geometry which dodges the pitfall of overused retro, the RECORDS frames are expressive, insolent, formal, massive and compact.

The reliefs are graphic and enhance their vintage spirit. The volumes are sculpted, subtle, with striated patterns. Bevelled collages highlight the ends of the branches. Speaking of the temples: two-tone on the outside, they let their golden silk show through on the inside, like luxurious and secret jacket lapels.

In their own way, the RECORDS reclaim the codes of another era, with a singular, inspired and radical panache. These are frames that emphasize their wearers and make everyday life unique. With them, the mundane becomes an unforgettable event. With a soundtrack that rocks.


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